Companies Like Yours Are Hacked Every Day

Complete Security Suite For Small IT Teams

The State of Cybersecurity

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Companies Like
Yours Are Hacked Every Day

Companies Like
Yours Are Hacked Everyday

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Simple to Manage

Dramatically simplifies vendor selection and management with a single point of contact.

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Multi-Layer Security

Creates a multilayered security shield preventing breaches and limiting lateral spread.

Simple to Use

Everything is done with you. We aren't here to take your job. We make you the HERO.

Why 300 Cybersecurity

  • We’ve curated the foremost security tools for companies just like yours so you can win the cybersecurity battle.
  • You do’t need to be an expert in cybersecurity. Using the right tools will close the knowledge gap.
  • Big improvements don’t need to equal big projects. Our done-for-you solution eliminates the overhead associated with implementing new tools.
  • Evolution is critical to cybersecurity success, but non-enterprise IT budgets make it difficult to keep current. Our curated solution evolves without you ever having to lobby for a new tool.

Our Cybersecurity Solution

Access Control


Detection and Containment

Policy Enforcement


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