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Best in Class Security Tools for SMB

300 Cybersecurity was born to allow sub-enterprise IT professionals to leverage best-in-class security tools, made for companies exactly like theirs, without having to turn over control of their environment to a third-party managed services provider. Doing so provides a giant leap forward in their security posturing in a matter of days.

The Origin

Our founder started and grew a traditional IT managed services provider for 11 years. Along the way, he met numerous companies in the sub-enterprise space that just didn’t fit the conventional managed services model. They didn’t suit outsourced IT services since they had capable internal resources, yet they were too small to capture the attention of enterprise technology vendors. Financially it seldom made sense to hire an MSP to augment the internal IT team. These companies had skilled people who often just needed better tools and guidance, especially regarding security. The IT department was often the only voice in the company advocating for improving their cyber-defense.

The Genesis

After a successful exit from his managed services business, Dave was determined to find a way to give these companies the help they needed. Servicing them within the traditional outsourced model was like putting a square peg in a round hole. The day-to-day service desk that MSPs deliver isn’t required. However, the security tools used within the channel are a perfect fit. These tools are made specifically for sub-enterprise companies but have all the characteristics of true enterprise software.  They take expertise to configure since they are designed to be deployed across multi-tenant environments with thousands of users. Many of them are only available through channel partners.

The Inspiration

300 Cybersecurity finds its inspiration in the 300 Spartan Warriors who held back an entire Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. The Spartans used superior skill and battlefield tactics to repel an invasion force, outnumbering them 500 to 1. Much like the IT professionals of sub-enterprise companies who today stand-alone (or in small teams) protecting their companies from the relentless attacks of global cybercriminals. Like the Spartans, these IT managers/directors must use superior tools and strategies to keep the unrelenting attacks at bay.

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