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Why Do I Need an MFA Tool?

Multifactor authentication is one of the best measures to protect your network and personal assets. Stolen credentials are the easiest and most common way to access protected resources and commit cyber crimes. Adding an additional step beyond entering passwords to prove identity is a simple yet highly effective means of preventing unauthorized access. Read More

Why Do I Need Application Whitelisting?

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. If systems are harmed by malicious software, why not just stop it from executing? Although it sounds easy, the practical application isn’t that straightforward. There are several means to prevent programs from running, but admins are often worried about causing network chaos. Read More

The Travelers Case

The Travelers Case

Cyber insurance. It’s a necessary business component in the 2020s, but it didn’t exist 25 years ago. The summer of 2022 quietly marked a milestone that likely didn’t land on your radar but will significantly alter your relationship with your cyber insurance policy moving forward. Read The Traveler’s Case

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