Use Cases

There are many reasons a company decides to significantly improve its security posture.  Below are just a few of the common ones:

Meeting Insurability Requirements

Cyber insurance requirements are getting tighter and tighter every day. It’s not uncommon now for insurers to demand more documentation and higher standards while at the same time increasing rates and even declining coverage to existing customers.

If you find your organization in one of these situations, an easy solution is to adopt our tools-based security architecture. Introducing an active threat-hunting solution like MDR and adopting a Zero-trust application whitelisting posture will dramatically change the answers you give on your insurance application. Tools like MFA and Password Management will go a long way to illustrate control and policy enforcement over your user base.

You’ve Noticed Some Odd Activity on Your Network

If you see alerts or log data that seems unusual but doesn’t set off alarm bells, you aren’t alone. The signature of an intruder who is seeking to spread laterally or elevate permissions is a pattern that is difficult to recognize.

A series of unremarkable events may be the signature of an intruder ‘living off the land’ waiting for the right moment to launch an attack. A true MDR solution will use effective AI to recognize the pattern and verify it with a human security expert, who immediately terminates the intruder’s access. It’s unlikely that even advanced AV alone would recognize such a threat as the events aren’t malicious in isolation. Only when combined does the ill intent become apparent. Knowing whether that network oddity is part of a larger pattern is next to impossible without intelligent software. Even with such software, an experienced set of eyes must be involved in taking appropriate action.

Your Leadership Has Become Interested in Cybersecurity

One of the challenges we hear most from IT Directors is that their executive leadership doesn’t pay enough attention to cybersecurity. However, they have begun to wake up with so many high-profile security breaches making the evening news. 

If your boss has suddenly started to ask questions about your security posture and the years of their neglect make your answers less than reassuring, our tools-based solution is an easy fix. We can significantly improve your posturing in the critical areas of access control, breach prevention, breach containment, and policy enforcement. Making simultaneous improvements across these areas will go a long way to answering some difficult questions from newly interested upper management.

You Are Facing a Third Party Audit

Many larger companies are paying closer attention to cybersecurity within their supply chain. They rely on you to help them fulfill their promise to their customers, and they want to be sure a cyberattack isn’t going to change your ability to deliver.

If your operations go down for two weeks, what is the impact going to be on their business? Assurances that you have everything covered don’t cut it anymore. Larger organizations have begun to demand proof of cyber resilience, usually in the form of a third-party audit; and they pick the third party.

If one of your largest customers has made such a request, our comprehensive suite of tools will show that you have not only taken preventative measures but are also:

A. actively hunting threats on your network
B. have a strong policy in place to control access, and
C. have procedures in place to limit the lateral spread of a breach

All are critical metrics of any cybersecurity audit.

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