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Designed for SMB

Our toolset is designed explicitly for middle-market companies just like yours. While we leverage some enterprise tools, our configuration choices are made for organizations that don't operate on traditional enterprise management platforms

Multi-Layered Security

Our approach is a multi-layered defense-in-depth strategy, strengthening your security posture in 4 key areas

Reduce Overhead

We reduce your vendor management overhead. Each vendor in your security portfolio takes some of your time and energy to manage. With each security vendor, you need to negotiate, interact, arrange payment and occasionally sort our billing issues. Multiply that by 10+ vendors,and it's a time-consuming task. Working with us, it's one phone call to someone you know and trust, with only one bill to pay.


We are a cost-effective, big step forward in your security posture. Implementing several of the right tools in a short period of time with our done-for-you approach means a major improvement in weeks, not months. One of the most significant barriers to improved security is inaction because of time constraints or lack of knowledge.

You Have Control

You retain control over your own network. In most cases, when you hire an external party to handle security, they insist on taking control over many aspects of your security policy. Your role as head of IT within your organization diminishes, and you may find your decision-making ability constrained. When you work with us, you retain complete control over your department but with a substantially improved security posture and have access to third-party expertise when you need it.

Evolving Innovations

Our solution is frequently evolving as new security innovations arise. As threats emerge, our tools change to counter them. The cycle of advancements and obsolescence is very rapid in cybersecurity. With our solution, you aren't constantly lobbying management to purchase new tools to keep up with an ever-changing security landscape

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